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Updates: What's New on Blox Universe

Since the last update Blog we have added some great additions to our world! The admin team have been hard at work improving the game for us all. Thanks to Slabby, Moc & OriginalNuttah for all their hard work and hopefully we will be announcing so additions to the team very soon!

Boat Race Track

The boat race track around spawn is really taking shape and some interesting obstacles and scenic additions have been created to add something a little bit special. We will be holding race events so keep an eye out on the discord event channel to hear when these are taking place. Feel free to come have a go with your friend anytime you are online!

Docklands Build

Some fantastic building has gone into the dock areas mainly by Slabby but thanks to other players that have helped out with suggestions and ways to improve the area. Still a work in progress but it is progressing fast and will be a lovely part of town! Remember slot are available within the town to contribute your own builds.

Drop Party Fridays

We will be holding a new event on Fridays 9pm GMT. This idea was given to us by Captain_bat, who also designed and built the building for it! So what is drop party I hear you ask? Well, when the event starts you will be able to enter the room and have FREE loot literally thrown in your face! Each week the loot will change and it will be a mix of some highly coveted items and some well .. dirt. Head on down there to be in with the chance of getting some free stuff!

Hope you enjoy these updates! Keep an eye out for more coming soon!

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