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Player Suggestions Implemented!

At Blox Universe we are keep to take on suggestions to improve our players gaming experience. So this is just a quick update on what has been introduced in the last few days!

1. Night Vision [suggested by Waythm]

We have introduced toggle-able Night Vision with the command /nv. This is accessible for Gold Rank and over currently but it will soon be added as an ability in the server shop for purchase with Blox Bucks in-game.

2. Fishing Tournaments [suggested by dr grosmachin]

Custom fish have been added with a whole new aspect to the game along with it! A further blog will be posted later this week with more information about how this all works. Fishing tournaments have also been added along with this update. We run tournaments every 4 hours and on special events. All participants will receive 100bb and the top 3 players will get even more BB!

Be sure to come fishing at /warp lake during the fishing tournaments. If 4 players are fishing within close proximity you will get an increased chance of catching higher ranked fish!

3. Legendary & Rare Crates

We have added some extra goodies to the Legendary & Rare crates and removed a couple of less impressive prizes. We have also added randomized Legendary, Rare & Uncommon Crate Keys as rewards in the Vote Crate (normal vote crate, they were already in the VoteParty Crate). Hopefully we will see a few more broadcasts of players getting lucky with these crates!!

Please keep your suggestions coming! Suggestions can be made on our Discord here or on the Forum here.

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