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Community Mob Farm RELEASED

Your kind admin staff have put in the time and effort to build a community mob farm that everyone can now use for experience and drops!

It has been added to the warp menu and you can also use the command /warp MobFarm!

Few rules:

  1. Please don't afk here as it will restrict others from using the farm

  2. Drops are free to anyone that goes there. If you have finished using the farm and want the drops take them straight away. Admins will not refund lost drops if you leave the farm unattended and another player comes over.

  3. If a player is at the farm, don't take anything from the chest until they are finished.

Hope you all use the farm! Don't forget to have your hunter job and mob quests active so you can make the most of the farm and earn some money too!!!

Mega Community Mob Farm

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