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BuildBoss: YmLa

We have announced the new winner of BuildBoss: YmLa for their amazing village. A lot of hours of grinding and hard-work has been put into this build and the details are great.

Originally YmLa was considered for BuildBoss for their starter house in this very village, the the month that followed this village has grown and flourished! A villager trading hall has been added and the library is full of enchanted books!

Every building follows the same theme but has its own unique character. One of them complete with a spider climbing the walls and leaving cobwebs all over the roof. A great imagination has gone into this village and it is well deserving of BuildBoss.

The little details that have gone into this build really made it stand out. The use of trapdoors and buttons to add texture to the builds is a great idea. The texturing of the walls, chimneys and roofs to make them unique really adds to the build. We especially liked the walkway bridge connecting the two main builds!

Congratulations YmLa!!!! Can't wait to see how the village progresses from here!

We had a number of great builds nominated this time so we have decided to increase the competition to have a weekly winner! Winners will still receive a Legendary Key. And we are also introducing additional incentives for you all to vote for builds. Any players that nominate a build (not your own) will receive a vote key. The player that nominates the winning Build will also receive a common key (if multiple nominations for same build the first player to nominate it will win the key).

If you have seen some great builds on the server and you want to nominate your own or someone else's build please use the discord channel!

P L A Y . B L O X U N I V E R S E . C O M

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