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BuildBoss Winners

We have crowned our new Build Bosses! Congratulations to YellowBee8948 & CallMe_TV for their island house. The lucky winners will each receive a legendary key and the coveted place on the build boss banner in spawn. Well deserved! A lot of time and effort went into making this place special.

As you may have seen, we have introduced build boss nominations on the discord channel. Please do nominate your own or others builds by taking a screenshot and saying the name of the player or players who contributed to the build.

Well done also to our other nominees this time, it was a hard decision to make, please do re-nominate yourselves!

YellowBee8948 & CallMe_TV have created a lovely home on their own island. We particularly liked the added interior details that have used to create a homely environment complete with bedroom, kitchen and even a little home for their pets! We particularly like their use of stained glass to create artwork for the walls.

Look forward to seeing how your island progresses!

Check it out in-game @

Join our discord!

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