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Getting started in Blox Universe

First off, welcome, if you have come across this blog, chances are you have visited Blox Universe. Our Minecraft Java survival server. If not, check it out IP:

When you first arrive in the world you will be dropped straight into the overworld spawn. Here you can find crates and the main menu through the NPC (you can also use the command /menu).

I recommend you make the menu your first port of call and pick up jobs and a few quests to get you started... nothing like a bit of money rolling in to help you get off to a good start in a new Minecraft world.

The menu will also show you a few places to spend your money; namely, the server shop and on cosmetic keys. The server shop will allow you to buy and sell items (not great prices, but that is intentional). The server shop is set up to be a last resort, ideally we want to encourage players to open their own shops and sell to one another.

Cosmetics, though entirely useless towards actual game-play, are super fun to test out, and honestly, getting the full collection is definitely a goal of mine on my player account. You can buy keys from the cosmetic menu. A key will open a treasure chest and will reward you with 4 random prizes (mainly cosmetics, but sometimes you get unlucky and get in-game $).

For those of you who are impatient and have real life money, check out where you can purchase various ranks, keys, in-game $ ect to speed up your game process and make the survival experience that little bit different.

Hope to see you all online! Give a shout out to TashaK_700 when you are!

Cosmetic: Gadget - Disco Ball "Get the sheep dancing!"

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