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Blox Universe: Easter Minecraft Updates

This Bank Holiday weekend we are launching our NEW Easter update! Featuring; New Events, New Gamemode, New Lobby & Exclusive Easter Loot!!!

New Event: Easter Egg Hunt

Throughout the spawn island chests have been hidden that you can get an Easter Key from to use at the Easter crate in front of the bunny near spawn.

Every few days new chests will be hidden. Cool-downs on chests are weekly so remember where you have found them and get extra keys throughout the month!

The Easter crate has exclusive custom heads, eggs & spawners!!

New Gamemode: Skyblock

This sunday Skyblock is launching on Blox Universe! Check out the new Skyblock gamemode and see if you can make it to /is top!


- Quests

- Player Skills

- Server Shop

- Spawners

- Minions

- Island Challenges

- Easter Egg Hunt ( /warp Easter )

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